Summer Fix: Rainy Day Activities

Although it’s technically summer, we Brits have torrent of cloudy days, rainy spells and the odd hailstorm to contend with, even though we’d much rather be frolicking in the sun and eating ice cream. But hey, we don’t need sun to have fun! In honour of the British weather system, I’ve compiled a Top 10 list of Rainy Day Activities, to make sure every day of summer is fun, creative and productive!

  1. Make your own denim shorts: see here.
    This guide is amazing: it contains everything from patterns, hemming, embellishments and dip-dye. There’s no excuse not to have a beautiful pair of shorts at the ready when the sun re-appears!
    shorts(Source: Buzzfeed)
  2. Make snacks in a mug: see here.
    All I’ve ever tried is the “chocolate cake in a mug”, but I’ll be sure to give a few of these a go! Beats having to do a shopping trip in the rain, right?
    mugs(Source: Buzzfeed)
  3. Make your own bikini!? : see here.
    I honestly didn’t think a DIY bikini was something that could be done! There’s several cute ones here, particularly the bow and scalloped trim bikinis. Who knew you could even make them out of an old t-shirt?
    DIYBIKINI(Source: Buzzfeed)
  4. Make this beautiful summer blouse: see here
    All you need is an old shirt, pins, scissors and a needle’n’thread/sewing machine. As far as making a blouse goes, this doesn’t look too complicated and results are perfectly lovely.
    chicshirt(Source: FreshlyGiven)
  5. Create a floral headband: see here
    Regardless of whether you’re heading to a festival this summer, the floral headband is a great summer accessory!
    hairband(Source: Company Magazine)
  6. Create your own GLOW IN THE DARK bowling alley: see here
    Surprisingly easy (as long as you have room!). Simply fill ten 2L bottles of water for the pins and add a glow stick to each. Grab a make-shift ball (I’m still trying to work out what would be heavy enough to knock down those bottles) and get bowling! You could even throw a glow in the dark party.
    8dd7c944a842570f0466e54e17a26d18(Source: Sit A Spell)
  7. Make a “fireflies in a jar” night latern
    Super easy and very pretty. A definite “silver lining” to the darker nights the bad weather brings, eh?enhanced-buzz-4058-1340124669-24(Source: Buzzfeed)
  8. Make a photo-covered journal: see here.
    It’s always a fun idea to keep a journal; be it a personal diary or a collection of cuttings for home decor, cooking ideas or fashion inspiration! Personalise the cover with a great photo and writing.
    6a00d8358081ff69e2019101fe1e30970c-800wi(Source: A Beautiful Mess)
  9. Make Your Own Scrapbook: see here.
    I love the idea of scrap-booking, but I’m definitely far from a pro. This afternoon I saw some amazing collages on Jazzabelle’s Diary from her sketchbooks, which I’ll share here for inspiration (I hope she doesn’t mind!). They’re so beautiful!  You could involve pictures of family, friends, trips and holidays, or alternatively, keep them inspirational like the pictures below:
    jazz jazz2 jazz3(Source: Jazzabelle’s Diary)
  10. Have an indoor picnic!
    Just because it’s cold and grey outside doesn’t mean an end to the picnic season. You can have a perfectly good picnic indoors! Why not send your friends an invite?
    6c97fd22419db0536c6a1dcb74494246(Source: Pinterest)8c1383fe33ab4b59deef89c9b0418d80(Source: Pinterest)b12cb4250b16f40a211d4915fa65c6c6(Source: Pinterest)

“Pick a day. Enjoy it- to the hilt. The day as it comes”. 
Audrey Hepburn.


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