bday1. Riding a carousel 2. Bournemouth Pier 3. New brogues 4. Garden bunting 5. Brogues and Topshop socks 6. Lindor – the best chocolate 7. Having a Tea Party 8. Tea Party food 9. Celebratory Nandos


This is a quick post to say thank you for the Birthday well-wishes – especially Lorela at The Sewing Machine Blog, thank you so so much for the gorgeous post – grazie mille!
I’ve had a fabulous weekend, which included a visit from my best friend Ellie, a BBQ, a tea party and a trip to my favourite restaurant, Nandos! It’s been a pretty jam-packed couple of days, without much sleep (excitement and dozing do not go hand in hand for me!).

I will catch you all up tomorrow and share a few of my favourite gifts, but until then I had better grab some shuteye!

Love to you all!


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