Hello everyone! Having a good week?

I’m in my first few days of being a big grown up 22 year old – although I feel exactly the same and I’m pretty confident I will continue being mistaken for a 17 year old!

dress1 dress2 dress3

 This year I had one of the very best birthdays of my life – a brilliant weekend of friends, family and fun. I also had some pretty perfect presents, my friends picked better than I could have picked myself!

9 pages

I’m a bit of a journal and list-making fanatic – maybe that’s why I’m a blogger? But this journal kicks every other journal’s arse. Every page gives you a new hilarious instruction to complete. I hate to think what kind of state this book will be in after a couple of months but I’ll have a lot of fun destroying it! =]


I don’t know if Chocoholics Anonymous is a real thing, but if it is I should probably join. I’m pretty well known for my chocolate gorging abilities (I daren’t tell you how much chocolate I consume in a day) so of course, I was bought quite a bit of chocolate and even a chocolate book! I love this vintage chocolate sign, I just need to work out where I shall hang it.

6 I LOVE Lindor chocolate. Good heavens, it’s beautiful. It’s something I normally only get at Christmas so this was a rare treat . Unfortunately that was my last one (see, I told you I eat a lot of chocolate). I’m already expecting withdrawal symptoms. 7I took one look at this owl crafting kit and shouted “YES!”. I love making things and these will come out so much better than anything I could ever design and craft! Hopefully it will give me some inspiration for my own DIY ventures. I’m looking forward to showing you my finished owls! I’ve opened the kit whilst writing this and I’m itching to grab a needle and start stitching. Damn my short attention span! 5 I don’t need to remind you about my love of music. Especially the Beatles! As an added bonus, visually, this is my favourite Beatles era. I’m so about the mod haircuts and  sharp suits. Not beards. Definitely not beards. Isn’t this a cool display? I can’t wait to add it to my wall. It will fit in perfectly. crafts

I was thrilled to receive these crafting bits and bobs, which included really basic stuff I didn’t own or had run out of like double sided tape and proper glue. I also received a blank scrapbook which contained just one thing: a list of “Summer Activities” my friend and I had planned. What better way to inspire me to take a load of photos this summer? I can’t wait to combine my lovely crafting pieces and what will hopefully be a stash of summery snaps.

A big thank you to all of my friends and family for such a fabulous time! I hope 22 is my best year yet! I’m sure it will be a year of changes; for me and She Wore Ribbon- I’m hoping to write more OOTD posts and to buy my domain name (if anyone knows a good place to buy, let me know!). If I’m taking more outfit photos maybe I should cut down on the chocolate too. Today I visited Topshop to try on a pair of jeans, foolishly hazarding at which size to try. Has anyone ever watched that Mighty Boosh episode “The Chokes”?Remember when Vince had to wear those tiny tiny skinny jeans? That was me. These were ill-fitting in every way – they were high waisted yet they only came up to my hips. Since when are my legs that long? Don’t think I’m bragging that I’m long legged – they wouldn’t have zipped up anyway. I felt a little demeaned until I came to the beautifully obvious realisation that the jeans weren’t right for me and I vowed never again to lament that I wasn’t right the jeans. That’s not how clothes work! I think girls are often guilty of blaming themselves instead of the clothes when things don’t quite fit. In the spirit of self-esteem, I will head back to Topshop and find the right size and style that suits me next time.

Have a fantastic week! I’m sure I will be posting tomorrow because… I’m seeing Paloma Faith! I am ridiculously excited! What will I wear?? I must raid my clothes rail for something quirky, vintage and comfortable!

Love to you all!


4 thoughts on “22.

  1. Happy Belated Birthday dear!

    I actually picked up the same journal from a local bookstore a couple weeks ago. I felt the need to have it despite seeing the rather adventurous instructions on the inside! I hope you have loads of fun with it. 🙂

    • Aww thank you!! I can’t wait to assemble my owls- they’ll make such a cute decoration!
      The blog banner was made by one of my blogger friends, The Sewing Machine Blog =]
      Nikki x

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