June Bug


June is shaping up to be amazing. I’ve been surprisingly busy this week which means, tragically, I’ve been blogging a little less. However, I’m starting to get the hang of simultaneously blogging and living an active lifestyle, so posts will be on the rise!

One of the fantastic things I’ve done this week (and this year) is seeing Paloma Faith in Bournemouth. Oh my gosh, she was completely amazing! When she sang Picking Up The Pieces and glitter rained onto the stage for the entirety of the song… it was beautiful. There aren’t many singers with such a powerful, timeless and gorgeous voice as dear Paloma, so I feel very pleased to have seen her sing live. I can tick it off life’s To-Do list.

It was also a special event for my little gig companion, Kate. You may recognise her from previous posts because Kate is my sister (there’s a strong resemblance, so you might have already worked out we’re related) and I’m sure she’ll be blogging about the event here! Kate is twelve and had never been to a gig before, so I thought I’d do her a massive life favour and ensure her first concert was something amazing. Most people aren’t exactly proud of their first gig are they?  Any embarrassing first concerts, comment below! (I can tell you, when I was Kate’s age I saw Busted/McFly/Five and then my first proper concert was Lostprophets. Not that cool). She really loved the show and watched captivated and enthralled.


On a side note, Paloma looked stunning in a pale blue jumpsuit with a matching belted train and retro turban/headscarf. At least I think that’s what I think she was wearing, bu twe were seated pretty far away…

I couldn’t help but do a Youtube search and found someone had uploaded a few of the songs she performed:

Paloma. What a Goddess.

I also want to mention Laura Mvula, who was the opening act – I hadn’t come across her before but she really blew me away – she has some serious talent. Today I was in River Island and I heard one of her songs playing on the radio and I thought “oh my god!”. She’s going to be big, trust me guys. Remember her name.

If you haven’t heard of Laura’s work before, check this amazing song out.

This week was super sunny, so of course, I visited the beach. A five hour beach session was surely a foolish idea for someone as pale as me? Regardless, when you live in the south coast, a beach is a must when the sun comes out! This preceded a welcomed trip to Nandos; my favourite place in the world.


Today I took a trip to Bournemouth for a spot of light shopping and Shake Away. I came away with a pair of navy “canvas plimsolls” (read: fake vans) and a Terry’s Chocolate Orange shake. A great investment on both counts.

That’s been the week so far – more on the weekend! What have you been doing this week? Comment below! =]

4 thoughts on “June Bug

  1. My first concert was Europe… which wouldn’t be THAT embarrassing in itself, but the problem was, it was impossible to get there by public transportation, so MY MUM drove me AND came to the concert with me!

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