Alexa Chung: Style Icon

When I was a teenager I discovered Freshly Squeezed, a music show on T4 that aired every weekday morning. Every day before school, I’d catch a glimpse of some amazing world; packed with cool bands, hilarity and stylish presenters. Maybe this is embarrassing to admit, but as a fifteen year old, I loved it.

The presenter that really caught my eye was a husky voiced, long legged lady with long messy brown hair and an awkward laugh.

images (7)

Her name was Alexa Chung. Yep, the Alexa Chung. She quickly became an idol of mine. She was looked, dressed and spoke differently to any other celebrity I’d seen. I was starting to enter that “forging your identity” stage of teendom and I loved her individuality. Ironically, it was an individuality I strived to mimic. When she got that famous Alexa bob, I ran straight to the hairdressers. Unfortunately, I looked like a middle aged anchor woman. You live and learn. I hadn’t quite achieved the right balance between “inspiration” and “individuality” back then.



I think if I had to encapsulated Alexa’s style, I could do it with these three outfits:

alexa chung style

Since then, I have been perpetually enthralled by cute mini dresses, peter pan collars, band t-shirts, skinny jeans, black boots and satchels. Honestly, my style hasn’t changed a huge amount in the last 6/7 years. I’ve got a little more daring and I know a lot more about what suits me, but the fundamentals are the same!

This is almost a “Throwback Thursday” albeit a day early, but it’s amazing to see how huge the Alexa Chung phenomenon has become. Clearly I wasn’t the only person who became beguiled by her offbeat and casual style.

Oh, and it’s actually Alexa who introduced me to some of my favourite icons: Bardot, Christie, Hardy…  I wonder if they’d still be my inspirations if I had watched ITV instead of Channel 4 in the mornings?

I have a very excited day tomorrow – a visit to London followed by (and I know this sounds lame) some epic TV – the new series of Top Model followed by Question Time featuring Russell Brand. I hope I’m still awake after the day’s adventures!

I hope you all have fantastic weeks! Catch up soon –



2 thoughts on “Alexa Chung: Style Icon

    • I was such an Alexa fan-girl! I kinda miss the pre-mega famous days when she wore more High Street clothes though. I enjoy seeing people wearing clothes I can actually afford…

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