The Secret Wardrobe: Take Two







This week I was invited to The Secret Wardrobe in Poole to check out their newly added Emporium, an absolute treasure trove of accessories. Situated at the back of the store, the Emporium consists of rows and rows of vintage shoes, bags, belts and scarves. Essentially, it’s every girls’ dream closet.

I wrote a post about my first visit to the Secret Wardrobe here, so to find out more about what they do and what they sell, give the link a click! In summary; they are a vintage shop who donates all of their proceeds to the Forest Holme Hospice in Poole, although they never label themselves a charity shop.

It’s a fantastic place to visit if you’re searching for trinkets and treasures. As you can see from the pictures above, there are so many fantastic items to discover. From classic vinyls to elegant shoes and beautiful jewellery, there is always something fantastic to find! I would also like to mention the fantastic displays The Secret Wardrobe always creates – and they seem to change every time I visit! So much time, love and effort goes into this shop, so I urge you all to support charity, support vintage and take a visit. 

The Secret Wardrobe
First Floor                                               Facebook: SecretWardrobeBoutique
Dolphin Shopping Centre                       Twitter: @SecretWardrobe1
Poole, Dorset


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