Breakfast in Boscombe

Warning: This post may cause feelings of intense jealousy and hunger.

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“Eggs Benedict and a glass of orange juice please”

If you’ve ever come across my blog before, you’ll have probably seen a mention of The Urban Reef. It’s my favourite place in the world for breakfast. They serve the most delicious Eggs Benedict, fresh orange juice and the most gorgeous views of the beach.

56Too much Primark

I’ve donned a little too much Primark for my liking, offset by some Van rip-offs a la River Island and a little skull necklace I found in the sale for about £1. Don’t judge me – this post isn’t really a fashion post, it’s a “look what I ate, saw and paddled in” post.

collage11The biggest paddling pool…

I hate to visit the beach without paddling and last week’s visit to Urban Reef was no exception. Wading right into the sea gave me a pretty good view of the pier! I do take living by the beach for granted – isn’t it gorgeous?


Editing this post and reliving the beautiful breakfast is making me hungry. Urban Reef anyone?


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