My Autumn Wish

I woke up not feeling my normal cheery self, so to lift the spirits, I created an Autumn Wishlist. I’m so excited to start collating my autumn wardrobe – and this year it will only be made of high quality, long lasting and very wearable pieces. Say goodbye to bobbly jumpers, ill-fitting jeans and that dress you’ll wear once before consigning it to the back of the wardrobe because it doesn’t really “go” with anything.


Burgundy and navy are my go-to colours for the colder seasons and this autumn proves no exception. I think I’ll try and liven things up with the odd splash of mustard. And maybe I’ll try the winter pastels trend too! I’ve also added in my trademarks: a pair of brogues and over the knee socks – because some things you can’t change. Now to save for that gorgeous Topshop biker jacket and daisy dress!


3 thoughts on “My Autumn Wish

  1. Great picks! I especially love the Mango blouse and the River Island skater skirt. And I definitely love your choices of color!

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