You’re a Firework

At 10pm this evening you’d have found me sitting at the edge of the Quay, waiting for a much anticipated fireworks display to begin. As ever, it was a slight fashion mishap. Sitting on the ground in a mini-dress always results in fear about how much bare skin is touching the dirty ground. Just me? Thought not. Do any of you have fireworks in the summer? I thought summer fireworks were a perfectly normal occurrence but after conversing with friends around the country, apparently it’s more of a South Coast thing? Either way, I definitely don’t begrudge it – fireworks are the perfect accompaniment to a summer’s evening. I had a perfectly lovely time, dangling my legs over the inky black water and listening to all the hustle and bustle that the Quay affords. Lovely.

Of course, I also took the opportunity to take a few snaps. I love photographing fireworks because you can achieve such a diverse range of images: from perfectly arranged spirals to bold explosions of colour. It’s the latter I most like. Initially I was a little annoyed to find a ship’s mast right in the centre of my view, but on reflection, I actually  think the mast’s silhouette rather works and reflects Poole’s nautical nature. Don’t you think?

2 8 9 11 12 13 14 15

I hope you’ve all had perfectly lovely weeks – I hope to catch up with you all soon! Life’s been a little hectic recently, but I’ll definitely be blogging more. I’ve missed it!

Love and Peace,



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