Back to School Wishlist


Autumn is creeping ever closer and we know what lies just around the corner – a new term! In my view, the best part of a fresh year at school or University is Back to School shopping. Admittedly, as an actual graduate (*shudder*) I have no excuse for refreshing my scholarly inventory, but I like to see September as a fresh start; an excuse to get organised and to buy new things! I’m taking the next fortnight to perfect my wishlist:

  1. Backpack – When September arrives, I always get the urge to buy a new bag. It’s something of a tradition now and I’m sure I won’t break it this year (nor will I be breaking the bank). This Bank Fashion satchel-style backpack ticks all the boxes: it’s the perfect size, has a lovely vintage look and it’s super cheap! (Is it me or does it look a lot more pricey than £25?).
  2. Journal – These Frankie Daily Journals seem to be a blogger favourite and I can see why. Although they’re a little on the pricey side, they are beautifully illustrated and come with lots of little extras. It’s too late in the year to purchase a new one, so I have my fingers crossed they’ll be making a 2014 version!
  3. Notebook – They say you should always carry a notebook on you (I normally have about three) and I can’t resist a nice print. I love this bird cage design from Paperchase, perfect for note taking and doodling. I mastered the latter during my degree.
  4. Shoes – No one wants to be stumbling around in heels during the day. When you’re on the go, pretty flats and cool ankle boots are a must. ASOS always have a great supply and I’ll definitely be purchasing some t-bars and a pair of chelsea boots at some point.
  5. Shirt – I seem to be collecting polka-dot shirts at the moment and this one from A|Wear is on my wishlist. It’s great for a back to school wardrobe and goes with absolutely everything.
  6. Pinafore Dress – In my books, a cute pinafore dress is a necessity this season! With the right style, a pinafore dress is wearable all year round. At a bargain price of £20, you can’t go wrong with this black one from River Island.
  7. Hat – Although a hat isn’t exactly a back to school necessity, Autumn is a great time for a millinery purchase. This Topshop fedora is pretty gorgeous, don’t you think?
  8. Post-It Notes – Ah, my faithful friend the Post-It note; these brightened my walls and desk (occasionally the mirror too) throughout my school and University years. These Paris themed Post-Its from Paperchase come in three handy sizes and satisfy my wanderlust at the same time. As Audrey once said “Paris is always a good idea“.
  9. Phone Case – How have I missed the fact that Harrods sell their own iPhone covers? When I saw this cupcake phone case, I couldn’t help but add it to the list! Having perused the site I’ve seen several lovely cases (Sweet Shop, City Lights), and shockingly, they’re only £14.95! And they do free delivery. Harrods, I love you.
  10. Stapler – The thought of a nicely decorated desk brings a little smile to my face. Suddenly the drudgery of stapling seems a little better when you’re doing it with a little pink cat stapler.
  11. Elastic Folder – It’s important to keep your papers in order and crease free. I always like to do it in style with a cute folder. I really like this polka-dot one, it almost looks like a clutch bag. Since they’re only £2.50, grab several and make a little display on your desk. Why not?

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