Running Wild

8Last Thursday my family and I took a trip Marwell Zoo as a little ‘end of summer’ treat. I hadn’t visited a zoo for years, so I was absolutely ecstatic to see my favourite animals and grab a few snaps along the way. As much as I love the animal kingdom, I wasn’t crazy about the wasps that seemed to be perpetually attacking me throughout the day. In fact, my sister wins Wasp Overreaction of the Day for jumping up after a wasp got too close to her face and liberally splattering my white dress with Pepsi. Cheers sis! I think you’ll all  understand why there are no outfit pictures to be seen.



Marwell is my favourite zoo yet, because it is home to all of my favourite animals. Admittedly I didn’t get the best look them all (the red panda was chilling atop a tree and the snow leopards were having a little siesta and obscured by shady rocks) but the lemurs, the meerkats and the penguins more than made up for their absence with amusing antics. Honestly though, how adorable is this meerkat?

6The lemurs (of which Marwell hosts about three different kinds) were my personal highlight of the day. They’re so fascinating to watch! This curious little guy came right up to the glass for a wide-eyed stare. That facial expression reminds me of myself when I have to be awake early.


I had so much fun and asked to bring home several of the animals. Would a red panda not make an excellent companion and/or sidekick? Don’t tigers just need a big cuddle? No? Just me? I did bring a snow leopard home with me though. It’s 5-6 inches tall and courtesy of the Gift Shop. I love all members of the cat family, so Bijoux (“Snowy” was far too obvious a name) was a welcomed addition!

7 11

On a somewhat related note, I’m sharing my new favourite tune “Youth” by Foxes (see, I have an animal theme). I love the lyrics, I love beat and I love the singer Louisa Rose Allen- her hair and clothes in this video are my newest inspiration. Now, excuse me whilst I find a glittery 4th of July-esque one piece.

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