An Evening in Portsmouth with Mr Miles Kane.

I’d been counting down the days (no pun intended) until seeing Miles Kane, one of the most talented, debonair and utterly cool musicians around.

Last Thursday, the blessed day finally arrived and we headed over to the Portsmouth’s Pyramids Centre. After arriving early for a much needed dinner, we found a cute restaurant called Rocksbys where we ordered a delicious Cajan chicken and bacon meal, served by an adorably friendly waitress. I must say, the view was pretty gorgeous- a string of coloured lights and the lapping waves of Southsea beach front.

photo 4photo 3

The Pyramids Centre

I was surprised (and pleased) to see how small the venue was. I’d take an intimate gig over an arena sell-out any day! I was even able to navigate my way to the front of the crowd to get the perfect spot. I couldn’t help but notice the myriad of mod haircuts on display – there were definitely more Paul Weller/Gallagher brother lookalikes than I care to mention (wearing parkas, chewing gum and head bobbing, of course).

The Family Rain

I’ll admit, I hadn’t heard of the support act before. I hadn;t even got as far as a precursory Google so I had no idea what to expect. Luckily, The Family Rain were really good – I’ll post a link to one of their songs so you can enjoy them too! They had a very classic bluesy-rock vibe that you couldn’t help but dance too. I saw a lot of bobbing and foot tapping from the crowd – which to me is a pretty good sign.


I remembered to take a snap – the lead singer looks pretty rad here. (Although how he performed in a leather jacket I’ll never know – he has my full admiration).

Miles Kane

After a tortuously long interval, the stage filled with smoke and Miles appeared onstage. I can safely say that this gig was one of the highlights of my year – so expect some waxin’ lyrical! I could mention the beer spilled over me, the struggle with the heat (it was approx. 1000 degrees), the very unnecessary mosh pits and constant pushing… but no. It’s definitely more important to talk about the amazing performance that exceeded my already high expectations, the sheer volume that Miles covered (the majority of both albums and even a mix thrown in for good measure – The Rolling Stones’ Sympathy For The Devil and his own You’re Gonna Get It) and his admirable trousers. However, my night was really made when Miles smiled at me. What a moment! Eventually the moshing (why is this even a thing?) became too much for me as I was melting like a snow cone in Phoenix and I headed over to the bar. It was definitely worth braving the crowds for the first few songs though. My current favourite tune from the new album is Better Than That (check out the video) and this was performed beautifully alongside Miles’ older hits like Inhaler and Come Closer.



I don’t mind the bruises or the beer stains because I’m still thrilled from being this close to the King of Cool, Miles Kane. The man who smiled at me. Swoon.

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