I Love You Cardiff!

It’s certainly not every day you get to simultaneously tick off ‘see your favourite band’ and ‘explore a beautiful new city’ from your wish list, but this Tuesday I travelled to Cardiff to see the Arctic Monkeys, accomplishing two very exciting dreams of mine.

I can honestly say this was the best gig of my life – and I had high expectations! Their performance was absolutely perfect; I was surprised by how intricate and cleverly choreographed the light show was (Arctic Monkeys are certainly not a glitzy band) and I managed to watch the show without getting ridiculously hot and being pushed over. Alas, I didn’t meet Mr. Alex Turner, but hope springs eternal, eh? 


So whilst I didn’t get up close and personal with the Monkeys, my ears were most certainly treated and I had a perfect view of the stage! The apex of the show was their performance of I Wanna Be Yours, which isn’t my favourite song of theirs, but it rained shiny silver confetti throughout the songs entirety! I’d never associated AM with raining glitter but the merging of the two made my year. Easily impressed, I know. Needless to say, I danced around like Winona Ryder in Edward Scissorhand’s snowy cast offs.

I stayed over in Cardiff which gave me the chance to explore the area the following day. It’s not a city I’d ever visited before, but I loved it! Lovely buildings, the friendliest people, a gigantic shopping centre and even a vintage fashion quarter. What more could a girl ask for? I was pretty restrained when it came to St David’s shopping centre (it’s magnificently gargantuan, filled to the brim with seemingly every retail outlet under the sun) and came away only having fuelled my hat addiction (a charming black fedora and a slouchy grey marl beanie) and indulged myself at the Benefit counter – persuaded into buying a new foundation by the beguiling and endlessly helpful sales assistants. I even remembered to take a few snaps outside Cardiff castle and the CFQ (Cardiff Fashion Quarter), although I was a little sleep deprived (it shows in the pictures – I’m squinting more than a confused James Franco – and that’s when my eyes are actually open). 


(Wearing a Next jumper, a Boohoo skirt, an old Primark coat jazzed up with a vintage pin, knee socks, River Island bag and Chelsea boots and a New Look fedora).

It’s been a brilliant week – a few days earlier marked the culmination of seven years’ adolescent adoration when I saw Russell Brand’s Messiah Complex tour – it was brilliant, combining his politically and spiritually geared intelligence with the crude humour we all know and love – especially with Bournemouth being a sea-side town (the coarsest of audiences apparently). Having said that, I did spot a middle aged, middle class woman angrily leaving after Russell’s first orgy reference. Fuddy-duddy.

1417Thank you for a beautiful 24 hours Cardiff, I’ll be off to watch Gavin and Stacey and order Submarine from Amazon to absorb more of your beautiful dulcet accent.

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