Knee Socks



I spent a good portion of yesterday afternoon on a chilly beach shooting with Tara Jane Watkins, a photography student who, as you can see, is very talented indeed. I enjoyed working with Tara so much that I didn’t even notice the freezing winds on the pier or the bemused expressions on the faces of those passing by.


I wanted to incorporate a Fifties/Sixties vibe to the outfit, so out came the houndstooth print, Chelsea boots and a leather jacket. This jacket is one of the newer elements to the infamous clothes rail that takes up a good 1/3 of my bedroom, but it’s such a great addition! Wearing it draped over my shoulders gave the outfit a little bit of a rock’n’roll edge, don’t you think? My current favourite album AM (good old Arctic Monkeys) has this great winter-y track called Knee Socks – so I couldn’t resist adding a pair as a sartorial nod the song. FYI – despite the inch (or four) of exposed skin, knee socks are far warmer than tights – they get a big thumbs up from me! 


We shot in an old style amusements arcade and on Bournemouth pier, with a few shots under the pier itself where it was insanely breezy – as evidenced by my skirt which appears to be flying off in all directions. Whilst the Fifties was certainly an influence, I didn’t intend that iconic shot of Marilyn Monroe in her billowing white dress to be!

1391433_584979628217967_1974375489_nLeather jacket – Topshop | Chelsea boots – River Island | Skirt – Oh My Love | Necklace – Camden Market | Crop top – Primark

Copyright and photographed by Tara-Jane Watkins.


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