Lilac Ribbon.


Have you ever purchased something with absolutely no idea when you’d have an occasion to wear it or what you’d even wear it with? That is what happened when I fell for this beautiful mesh midi dress from Boohoo. However, as soon as the dress arrived I knew it would be perfect for a woodland shoot, imagining a backdrop of crawling lilacs and forget-me-nots. Alas I’d forgotten that in mid-November there isn’t exactly an excess of flora, so I settled for stark bare trees, emulating a Tim Burton-esque fairytale vibe.




After editing the pictures, I couldn’t help but notice that it looks a little like I’m wearing a wedding dress. For the record, this dress is ‘mauve’, although admittedly it has the off-white colour of the Corpse Bride’s gown (a second Burton reference anyone?). Perhaps with the lilac ribbon I donned, and it’s been a while since ribbon appeared on a What I Wore post, there’s an element of Wendy Darling to this ensemble. Not a complaint – Peter Pan is my favourite book after all! I loved the ethereal look of this dress – and it’s the first time I’ve worn a midi length – usually you cannot tear me away from my staple of a vintage mini dress, tights and boots. This wasn’t the most environment appropriate outfit in the world, I’ll grant you. In a world of wellington boots and waterproof jackets, there I was in a pale dress and heels. But if I want to wear something, I’ll wear it!



This certainly wasn’t the most casual way of styling the dress, but I have worn it as a daytime look, teamed with chelsea boots and a leather jacket – a look that is far less Disney and far more practical.



What do you think of the Boohoo midi? Comment below!

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