New Years Eve Inspiration – Holly Golightly

Merry Christmas everyone!

I hope Santa was very generous and you spent a lovely day in the company of your loved ones, with copious amounts of food and merriment.

I’m finally reunited with my laptop, having discarded it to fully embrace Christmas (my phone provided all the essential links with Facebook and Instagram etc) and, of course, the first thing I did was scope out the sales. No sooner had my browser window popped up than I found myself amidst the tantalising treats of I hadn’t even got as far as the sale before I came across a gorgeous Duchess Satin prom dress, which reminded me of something Holly Golightly might have donned in Breakfast at Tiffanys (does it need to be said that this is one of my favourite films or had this much already been assumed?). Then the idea hit me  – how wonderful would it be to emulate my favourite screen sirens for New Years Eve? So, this is the first, and hopefully not last, of my New Years Eve inspirations.
NYE inspiration

This bow back prom dress is practically perfect to emulate the Holly Golightly glamour – combined with simple black courts from Monsoon, a jewelled Twenties-esque headband from ASOS (this will come in handy for any Flapper themed outfits – bonus!) and of course some signature pearls, which come courtesy of Banana Republic. Beehive optional.

An easy ensemble to throw together which creates a sophisticated and timeless look.

Who would your NYE inspiration be?


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