New Years Eve Inspiration – Brigitte Bardot

Veering away from the gamine figures of Audrey Hepburn and Anna Karina, this piece is inspired by a starlet who was famed for her curves: Brigitte Bardot. I promised myself I wouldn’t do another dress based ensemble – in fact I was set on a crop top and midi skirt combination – but when I came across this pink chiffon prom dress, I couldn’t help it – it’s perfect! So this NYE inspiration is rather a girly “pretty in pink” piece. I hope you don’t mind.

nye brigitte

The dusky pink prom dress (Forever Unique) is super cutesy and feminine, yet there’s the familiar ‘Bardot’ neckline which gives it a little bit more of a glamorous and grown-up edge. Especially if it’s on a curvaceous lady like Brigitte. I love the full skirt on this, which reminded me a lot of Bardot’s 1950s style and is also a great trick for emphasising a tiny waist or balancing out a fuller bust. I’ve teamed this dress with some pink platforms from River Island – they are beautiful but I’m almost positive I wouldn’t stay vertical in them. Having neglected the subject of bows and ribbons for a while, this was the perfect opportunity to sneak one in (FYI: Forever21 do a whole range of cute bows) as Brigitte often added ribbons and bows to her perfect coiffure. Note: For a Bardot inspired hair-do, back comb the front sections into a half up-do, secure with hair grips and add a bow. Voila. This looks lovely in slightly messy wavy hair, which you can achieve with salt spray and a curling wand if your hair tends to remain stubbornly straight like mine. Don’t forget the hairspray! I’ve also added a pretty pink chubbi stick and an eyeliner to create the signature cat flick. Meow!

What are you doing for New Years Eve? And most importantly – what will you be wearing? I’d love to hear in the comments section. Similarly, if you have any other NYE inspiration ideas, let me know!

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