My 2013 Round-Up

2013 is quickly drawing to a close and if I’m honest, I’m a little sad to see it go. It’s been a real turnaround of a year – 2011 & 2012 were certainly not my favourites. It’s seen me embark upon a career in fashion writing, get a real job (ish), visit some new places, meet new people and listen to some excellent bands. I think such a lovely year deserves a round up:

To kick off the year (and my career) I went to London Fashion Week:


You know how sometimes you go to a major fashion event, which makes you feel stylish and sophisticated but then you bump into Darth Vadar and he tries to strangle you and you lose your new found shred of dignity? No. Me neither. But this wasn’t my first trip of the year to the capitol.

I’d actually already been to London in January:


To visit the V&A costume exhibit, where I got to see Holly Golightly’s iconic black dress, Jack Sparrow’s pirate ensemble and Batman’s batsuit.

And then I went again in June:


Where I swear I did more than visit M&M World…

Then I went again, in December:


For a festive family trip.

I also turned 22:


You may notice I will be turning 22 several more times. Until I’m 45, to be precise.

I saw Paloma Faith in Bournemouth:


She was wonderful, even from my incredibly “panoramic” (read: far away) viewing position. Laura Mvula was the support act – she’s since gone onto be nominated for a Mercury Award!

 I saw Miles Kane in Portsmouth:

Miles KaneHe smiled at me! The support band, The Family Rain, have become my ultimate up-and-coming band of 2013 – I’m looking forward to seeing what they achieve in 2014.

I saw Russell Brand’s Messiah Complex tour:


He was kind enough to sign my arm when I rushed the stage. If I make one resolution for 2014, it’s to stop taking low-res Instagram pictures and thinking they’ll look fine online. They don’t.

 I saw the Arctic Monkeys in Cardiff:


It was the best gig of my life and I can’t imagine anything will actually ever top it.

I took my first visit to Cardiff:


I adored Cardiff and it’s immensely friendly populace.

A very fun year – and that’s not to mention the summer fireworks, the beach trips, days spent eating picnics in the park, photoshoots, movie nights, shopping days and lots more. In fact, this year I ate at Nando’s at least 50 times (Nando’s Anonymous, anyone?), penned 24 fashion pieces, interviewed 4 designers, listened to the new Arctic Monkeys album around 300 times and wrote 134 blog posts. 

I hope you’ve had an equally brilliant 2013 and I’m wishing for an even better 2014 for us all. What have your highlights been? Share your favourites in the comments section.

A last thank you for following and reading this blog – getting your feedback and comments and likes have truly been the shiny red cherry on top of a deliciously great year.

Love to you all,



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