Personal Development

Whenever I see the phrase ‘personal development’, I close my mind – it’s sounds boring and tedious – the sort of thing you’d have to fill in sheet about as part of a work evaluation or a PSHE lesson.

I’m not sure how I got this assumption but I’m addressing it here – personal development is something we should strive for everyday and it should be fun, happy and inspiring. We can get so trapped in the mundane details of life that we forget the most important thing is to be enjoying life, being happy and fulfilling our personal goals.

I just came across a diary I kept for a very short period of time in early 2012. I was in my last year of Uni and wishing the academic year would hurry up and finish. I wasn’t particularly into my course, I desperately wanted to be ambitious about some career trajectory – the only problem was, I didn’t know what it could be, I was lonely because almost all of friends were all in long-term relationships and had life-consuming dissertations to commit to and worst of all, I didn’t feel at all at home in my Uni house – I felt out of place and uncomfortable, and longed for trips home so I could finally feel happy and relaxed. In the end I basically lived at home and made commutes up for lectures I wasn’t allowed to skip, meetings with my dissertation tutor and then exams. I was very anxious around this time and felt pressured about facing ‘life after Uni’.

Wow. Deep breath! I don’t know if any of you can relate to the problems I had in my third year, but if you can, I hope this makes you feel less alone – it’ll all be okay, I promise! At the time it felt completely horrendous, but I now appreciate that overcoming your problems will make you a stronger and more compassionate individual.

Two years on and I’m so much happier and on a better path. I finished Uni with good results and moved back home properly. A few months after graduating I’d got a part-time job, I’d started this blog and, importantly, I started writing for The Glass Pineapple which made me realise how much I loved writing and fashion. I’d forever adored fashion, spent my childhood writing stories and always did well in English, but that kind of career felt like a pipe dream. I was always told that thousands of girls wanted these ‘dream jobs’ , and for most it would never work out. It felt like there was no point in perusing it. I knew I was intelligent and elected a “smart” career choice – but it wasn’t for me. I think not being true to my likes and interests and not having that belief in myself was really where it all went wrong.

This is why it’s so important to follow your dreams. If there’s something that really interests you, something that sets your pulse racing a little faster, no matter how silly it seems or difficult to achieve, go for it. You need to try or you’ll spend the rest of your life wondering ‘what if’. I’m not saying anything that hasn’t been said before, but as this is a far cry the type of blogging I usually indulge in, I hope it has a little bit more gravitas and connects with some of you.

I’ll be back with fashion posts, daily inspirations and outfit pictures tomorrow, but in the meantime I’d really appreciate your thoughts on this post (or questions if you have any!) in the comments section – even if it’s to ask me not to do any more of these!

I hope you reflect on what you want out of life and start to follow your dreams, if you’re not already.

With love,



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