Already February? Instagram Edition.

I’ve been crazy busy lately, but don’t worry – a proper post is coming your way soon! For now I’m posting a little Instagram edit to update you all with what’s been going on since January!

Instagrammin’ February


Today I got a new dress from my favourite brand Vintage Style Me (1), stay tuned for an outfit post featuring the lovely heart print smock this weekend! It’s been pretty grim weather this week, so to cheer myself I’ve been wearing my cat-face tights (2) and New Look brogues (3). This month I’m aiming to complete Doodle a Day for February, which involves creating a new doodle every day (4, 5, 6). I’m currently loving Egg’n’Spoons from Cadburys (7), Thornton’s Hot Chocolates (8) and my new book, What I Wore Today (9) – I’ll be sharing these outfit doodles with you on here when Spring rolls around!

I’ve also been revamping my social media bits’n’bobs, so give them a look/follow!

Next time you’ll see my face on here it will probably be post haircut (on Saturday, eek!) – still open to suggestions, I’m incredibly indecisive, so comment below!


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