Saturday’s Shopping

I adore Saturdays. The freedom to wake up whenever you want, no work, no bedtimes… It’s heavenly, My other motive for loving Saturday is because, more often than not, this is when I go shopping. And, you know me, I love shopping.

I wasn’t looking to make any extravagant purchases – I’m still trying to pay off that ole graudate overdraft and save for my Paris holiday in June (I don’t think I’d mentioned that before – so hooray, Paris!). I generally just like window shopping, getting a hot drink, relaxing, catching up with people and maybe buying a little something-something.

La Roche-Posay

There was really only one thing I was looking for in town this weekend – the La Roche-Posay effaclar duo cream. Although I’m 22, I’m the unfortunate owner of some pretty ‘teenage’ skin. In other words, it sucks. I’d read some pretty rave reviews about the Duo cream, so thought it high time to try it out. I’ve embraced the higher price range anti-blemish lines before – Vichy and Clinique, but neither were fantastic for me. Third time lucky I hope! As Boots was running a 3-for-2 offer, I decided to grab the foam wash and toner of the same range to really go for it! I’ll be taking a picture every night, a kind of photo diary, to keep track of whether these products live up to their claims: correcting blemishes, fighting marks, controlling shine, unblocking and minimising pores and refining the skin texture, with a noticeable change after 24 hours and dramatically improved skin after four weeks. I don’t think I’ll be posting the day by day transformation online (no one wants to see that!) but if it works I’ll be more than happy to take and upload a make-up less snap or provide a ‘before and after’ comparison. I used the products for the first time last night and I must say so far, so good. My skin felt clean and soft and didn’t have that tight/dry sensation you get with other cleansers. I’ll keep you posted with the progress!skincare

Revlon Nail Art Chalkboard 

The only other thing I wanted in town was the Collection concealer that just about everyone has been blogging about for the last few months. Apparently this stuff works like a dream, and as it’s only in the £4-5 price range I thought it was worth a try. Unfortunately, for the second time this month, it was out of stock (must be good, eh?). So after stumbling upon this Chalkboard effect polish by Revlon I thought I’d treat myself, in lieu of the concealer. If I’m honest, I also thought ‘amazing, this will go perfectly with my pink coat!’, but that’s really lame, so we’ll pretend I didn’t say that. The polish is double ended; one end consists of a matte black polish of which you apply two coats (it really does look a bit chalkboard-y thanks to the matte effect) and a colour end which you use for your design. There were five colours: Straight A’s (white), Liberal Arts (blue), Home Coming (lilac), Over Achiever (pink) and Study Date (peach) – I pinked the pink one!


I am by no means a nail artist, so my success and efforts were pretty minimal. I just stuck to a simple dots and stripes pattern – although I’ve seen lovely lightening bolts, plaid checks and all sorts on Pinterest and Instagram. You can even mix a couple of colours together an create an abstract design – I think I’d be tempted by Liberal Arts or Home Coming to go with my Over Achiever!


Lilac Roses

Do you have a favourite flower? If you do, let me know what it is in the comments section. I have no clue what my favourites are – possibly because I’m a bit of a fake flower fanatic; they last forever, stay in perfection condition and you never have to water them! However, when I was on my way to grab a reviving Signature Hot Chocolate from Starbucks (my current hot beverage addiction), a flower stall man called out to me with: “Ladies! All these flowers are just £1”. Well, £1 for a big bunch of flowers!? I settled on these lilac roses because the colour was so beautiful and delicate. Maybe these could be my new favourite flower? When I woke up this morning they were indeed a beautiful sight!


I’ll keep you updated with my new beauty regime – keep your fingers crossed!


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