Sister Vintage Haul!

9A treat or two…

It’s been absolutely ages since I indulged in a Sister Vintage haul – or a jewellery haul of any kind come to that! I’d forgotten how great the prices at SV are. Seriously, I got 6 items for under £10! Impressive, right?


Polka Dot Scrunchie – £1

Since getting my hair cut, I’ve vowed to make a bit more of an effort with styles. Recently I’ve been investing in a couple of hair products and accessories to make this transition as fun as possible – I’ve even learned how to do a fishtail braid! This scrunchie will be handy when it comes to simple styles like pony tails and half up-dos, and as I wear a lot of polka dots and navy, this is a pretty safe purchase. I love the wire ‘ears’ (these are known as ‘bunny scrunchies’ after all) that you can bend them into shape – a great twist on a classic hair tie. Topshop currently stock some similar styles, but at about 4 times the price!


Velvet Peace Sign Bracelet – £1

I’m a sucker for the peace symbol, and this bracelet is a perfect match for the peace necklace I got from Sister Vintage last year. I’m keeping my eye out for a silver version (silver is certainly more my colour), but I couldn’t resist this, on it’s pretty blue velvet ribbon. I’d like to create a bit of a stack of pretty bracelets – so far it’s just this and my friendship bracelet that I never take off (given to me by Ellie, one of my best buddies), but I’ll be on the look out for pretty additions.


Best Friend Milkshake Necklaces – £2

Remember when, in primary school, you’d have those little half-heart shaped Best Friends necklaces that would fit together to create a complete heart? Weren’t they the best? Nothing cemented a best friendship like matching jewellery. It was for nostalgia’s sake that I got these really, really sweet milkshake necklaces. I love the retro design – now, who wants to be my necklace best friend?


Gold Vintage Camera Necklace – £1

I’d wanted a camera necklace for ages, but for some reason had never got round to buying one until now! It’s safe to say I’ll be wearing this a lot. It’s a great length and a pretty, delicate design. You’ll be seeing this on plenty of outfit posts to come! 7

Silver Eiffel Tower Brooch – £2

I must be part magpie, because this shiny piece really caught my eye. Does it sound strange to say “I love Paris things”?  I’m not really even sure what that entails – baguettes, berets? I’m actually off to Paris in three months, so I’ll totally be sporting this on my lapel. In the meantime, this pretty brooch will go on my pink coat and remind me I have a holiday to look forward to soon!
8Audrey Hepburn Cameo Ring – £2

If you’ve read my blog before you’ll know how much I love Audrey Hepburn. My room currently looks like a mini shrine to her – over the years I’ve been gifted various Audrey themed pillows, calendars and pictures, all on full display! It’s a fun piece, and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to add a bit of Holly Golightly magic into my jewellery collection now, could I?

In summary…

You’ve heard the phrase ‘you get what you pay for’, right? I’d generally agree. But in this case, don’t be fooled by the price – the quality of these pieces are every bit as good as you might find in a high street brand such as Topshop or River Island. Like a high street brand, they might not last forever, but when the price tag is that small, they don’t need to. And why pay £10 for something if you could find similar for £2? In all honesty, if I’m not buying luxury jewellery (I currently have my eye on an Olivia Burton watch – if you want to buy me one that would be great), Sister Vintage is one of the few places I’ll actually buy from. I’m now convinced to purchase at a high street retailer is, frankly, a bit of a rip off.


2 thoughts on “Sister Vintage Haul!

  1. I disagree, I ordered a few rings from SV. One was supposed to be adjustable but was welded so couldn’t adjust, and the others turned my fingers green. I bought a necklace and the chain is very thin and the pendant flimsy. I’d rather pay a few £s more for better quality.

    • Hi Hanna, thanks for your comment. Im sorry to hear your experience with SV wasn’t good, did you let them know? I’ve certainly had my fair share of green/black fingers (and ears!), broken chains and tarnished metal from high street jewellery, so I feel your pain! I think my original point still stands though- if you pay for luxury jewellery, the quality will certainly be a lot better because of the different metals they use (silver versus tin- we all know which will last longer and which will tarnish). But I think if you’re comparing this to the few quid extra you might spend in topshop say, the quality is the same. I’m happy to say that from the many pieces I’ve bought for SV in the last year or so, they’ve all been great- or I wouldn’t be writing these posts.

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