Lou Lou’s Vintage Fair

It doesn’t seem that long ago since the last Vintage Fair at the Pavilion, but it’s already been a year! It’s scary how fast time goes, huh?

This year there were an array of silk scarves, woolen sweaters, plaid shirts, dungarees, floral shift dresses and Levi cut-offs on offer, amidst the decade specific attire, general nick-nacks (fun word) and a retro beauty salon (and before you ask – no I didn’t).

I was very nearly tempted by the Levi’s, but couldn’t see a pair that were the perfect shape and colour – I’m very particular with clothes. My fussiness meant I shifted my focus onto perusing accessories, and luckily for me, there were seemingly endless stalls  selling sunglasses, brooches, lockets, rings and hats. Vintage Fairs are brilliant for people watching too – I loved the get up of some of the attendees – there so many ladies in lovely 1940s tea dresses and victory curls (and one quite old man in a top hat avec Steampunk goggles).




It’s okay, I’m pulling that hideous pout on purpose!

Praduh, darling…

I loved these pun based faux designer t-shirts, they made me giggle. I sort of wish I’d bought one to customise now!4 5

Bits and bobs…

Vintage Fairs are way more than just clothes and accessories, they are a haven for antique collectors and even those looking to recapture bits of childhood perhaps. I saw sewing material, ribbon, antique typewriters, pillows, cloth, magazines (1950-1980 era) and old board games – just to name a few things. Oh, and there was even live music in the form of a jazzy duo called Scarlet Swing, a lovely touch to the vintage vibe!73611

My purchases…

I didn’t buy much myself, as I already have my eye on a few things online (oops!). I do hate leaving empty handed though, so I was ecstatic to find these lovely sunglasses, just £5 each. I know everywhere will be doing these black Wayfarer style sunnies, but most High Street places will charge twice as much, so I figured I should buy them now. My mum described them as “Marilyn Monroe-esque” – and I couldn’t resist after that comment! Admittedly I had seen similar in My Week With Marilyn and had wanted a pair ever since. As for pair two, I’ve never owned circular glasses – to be honest, I didn’t think they’d suit me – but these lilac ones looked pretty cool on and now I can check off ‘pastel eyewear’ for Spring! Not too shabby for a day’s work? All I need now is sun…9


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