Creative Prompts & Lent!


Will power at the ready, I’m going to seriously need it.

Having been bullied (yes, bullied) into giving up my beloved fizzy drinks for Lent – in revenge for making my friend do the same thing last year, I might be in for a tough month ahead. Having said that, I’m sure it will be a lot easier than last year when I foolishly tested myself by giving up chocolate. Although I completed my self set challenge, I learnt an important lesson: never separate a woman from her chocolate.

This month I’ve also set myself the challenge of completing Being Little’s Creative Prompts everyday. I tried to do Daily Doodles last month and failed after day 10, hopefully this will be rather more successful. Would you like to see the week so far?

Day 1: A Pattern.ย 

I made the mistake of drawing this in bed at midnight. Pretty much in the dark. Neglected to rub out pencil marks… whoops. At least it’s only day one, it gets better from here, I promise.


Day 2: What’s in your bag?

Classic blogger tag! I think I’ve actually done one of these before on my blog – I think the contents are completely different now. My doodle is created with Promarker colour and Faber-Castell artist pens.I don’t really use anything else!


Day 3: A place you’d like to visit.

Tough call, but I chose New York. I would really love to spend some time here. I guess I better start saving? After creating the ink drawing, I thought I’d play around in the Picfx app, adding an inverted filter and bokeh effect (all this wishing about things felt whimsical enough to warrant it). I thought the inverted version actually looked pretty cool, so I used that for my official doodle.ย 1970566_10152332082221392_1367383607_n

Day 4: Your dream stack of pancakes.

Obviously, as it was Pancake Day, this doodle made me rather hungry. Unfortunately my reality consisted of lemon and sugar pancakes – not that I’m sure I’d like chocolate sauce, whipped cream and marshmallow pancakes anyway. But don’t these look pretty?1926664_10152332082326392_1994755855_n

Day 5: Yourself.

I’m not even sure this looks like me… But hey, it’s a girl, with hair. Close enough!


Day 6: Something on your wishlist.

Okay, I may have cheated a little and picked some things, in plural. I’d love a vintage typewriter, in pink or blue, of course. I probably wouldn’t dare use it, I’d mostly just like to look at it (ditto vinyl player). I also drew Polaroid pictures (I’d like a working Polaroid camera please) and an Olivia Burton watch – my current obsession. Of all the things on my wishlist, this seems the most likely to be purchased, but I can’t decide which watch I like the best!


Day 7: A favourite lyric.

This was a tricky one to pick! But it had to be these lyrics from the Arctic Monkey’s Arabella. This was originally a colour picture, but once again I inverted it and added a bokeh filter on Picfx.


Are you giving anything up for Lent or attempting any monthly challenges?

I'd love to hear your opinion!

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