Spring is Sprung.

It’s officially Spring time! 1Excuse the pictorial pun – but wasn’t today such a lovely Spring day?

Aside from barely leaving the house, today has been pretty perfect. After a much needed lie in, I watched A Hard Day’s Night (I really love the Beatles, and thought this film was hilarious), baked Rocky Road – setting as we speak!- and tested a few new purchases. Perfection!

I may have been a little naughty on Friday and splurged just a little bit on the Boots 3-for-2 sale – I’ll be doing a haul this week to show you the few items I gleefully gleaned (including a rapidly growing collection of Revlon ColourBurst Balms, oops!). Does anyone know when 3-for-2 ends? There’s definitely a few things I still need – I’m planning to ransack the Soap and Glory bath and body line, as well as a few hair care necessities. Yes, necessities, guys.

Friday’s Frivolity

But Friday’s frivolity means I had some pretty new things to show you!


I don’t usually ‘do’ trousers, so these checked tube trousers from Miss Selfridge were a bit of a surprise wardrobe addition, but I love them! For me, they’re the perfect balance of retro (is it just me who is reminded of Audrey Hepburn/ Marilyn Monroe with these checks?) and contemporary. They’re insanely comfortable, with a legging-like fit and, unlike a lot of high waisted trousers, they fit perfectly around the waist. The turn-over hems look great with boots, but I wasn’t sure how I’d style them on top. Today’s scalloped Topshop vest looks alright, right? Next I’d like to try a pastel hued silky cami – has anyone seen them anywhere? I can already tell I’ll be wearing these checkered beauties all the time – they might have turned me to trousers!



 This is my fourth ColourBurst balm- I now have a pale pink, a red, a nude and a fuchsia, so I think I’m all set! This is a great colour for Spring as it’s very fresh and bright, as well as super light on and hydrating. I often struggle with lip colour, feeling that nothing is ever quite the right colour; and texture-wise, sticky lip gloss and dry traditional lipsticks are also a big no-no – so these balms have been a genuine life saver and have really reignited my love of lippy. I’ll be bringing you the full Revlon haul later this week!



My love for cats and all things feline related have definitely been well documented on She Wore Ribbon, so I don’t expect any of you are the least bit surprised to learn that when I saw this mini cat bag in H&M I squealed and ran straight to the counter to buy it. It’s very little, so I won’t be fitting more than a lippy, keys and a debit card inside, but handbag variety is the spice of life.


 I hope you all had a beautiful day today, I most certainly enjoyed my movie watching, baking and garden stroll! Here’s to an even better Sunday!

8 9 10

 I found this guy in my garden, he took an immediate shine to the Chelsea boots! What are your favourite Spring pieces?

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