Here Comes The Sun(glasses)

Hooray, the sun is out to play! I’ve been celebrating by debuting my brand spanking new collection of sunglasses. Prepare to see this beauties on the blog for the next 5 months. Optimistic? Me? Never.

Flower Power


These gorgeous specs come courtesy of Jaymie O’Callaghan, the lovely lady who created my blog header almost a year ago. How time flies! As you can tell, I adore her work. Jaymie has a whole host of flowery embellished peepers on her website, which made picking a pair a seriously difficult decision. I’m a sucker for pearls, so these vintage frames ticked all the boxes. I’m already perusing Jaymie’s site for my next purchase – her Audrey Hepburn necklaces are a total dream. Perhaps she’ll be making Anna Karina ones next!

Tortoiseshell Wayfarers

4 5

I found this pair lurking in a corner of Camden market. At just £5 they were a no brainer. I had a similar pair last year, but they mysteriously disappeared! These retro frames go with just about everything, so I’ve been keeping them in my handbag at all times. These tinted lenses give my life a Wes Anderson-esque filter. Bonus points.


67These black frames have been done to death in recent years haven’t they? Ever since Ray Ban’s Wayfarers became super popular it seems every single store has created their own imitation. Their hyper popularity turned me off them, big time, until I tried these glasses on at last month’s Vintage Fair and my Ma remarked “they’re very Marilyn Monroe”, and suddenly I loved them! We’d recently watched My Week With Marilyn and I’d seriously dug these black sunglasses she wears. Admittedly I couldn’t look less like Marilyn, perhaps I need some red lippie to team these babies with?

Lilac and Lovely


I also found these at the Vintage Fair last month. They’re certainly a far cry from my usual style, but branching out is always good! Admittedly, lilac and tortoiseshell are a strange combination, but everyone needs a pair of pastel glasses this summer and these shall be mine! I wasn’t sure whether round sunglasses could suit me, but at just £5 I thought I’d risk these quirky beauties. What do you think?

Extra exciting news…

Four is clearly a bit of a magic number for me, and I’ll tell you why. I’m really excited to share with you guys that my cat, Evie, has had kittens! We now have four beautiful kitty cats; Maggie Mae, Pepper, Jude and Penny. I will, of course, be dedicating a couple of posts to them in the next couple of weeks and taking a plethora of snaps and videos. In the mean time, here’s a picture to keep you going! Can you guess the theme behind the names? Prizes and hugs if you can!



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2 thoughts on “Here Comes The Sun(glasses)

    • There are too many beautiful pairs on Jaymie’s shop, it took me at least an hour to choose these ones! I’m definitely head over heels for these babies though! Happy shopping =] xx

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