Hey Jude… and Maggie Mae, and Pepper, and Penny.

Judging by the excitement on Twitter, Facebook and Instragram, this post will definitely please all of you cat lovers out there!

If you’ve missed the news, my cat Evie had kittens last Wednesday and they’re the most adorable little darlings in the world. I’m utterly smitten.

Week One

Today marks their first week and they’ve already grown and developed so much! I think I’ve sussed the genders too. Although I’m not 100% certain, I’m fairly confident that two are boys and the other two are girls; the boys are all black and the girls are black and white. That worked out neatly, huh?


This cutie is Maggie Mae – she always seems to be the one in front of the camera – and lying on top of the others! – she’s clearly born to be a blogging kitty cat. She’s probably the bravest of the kittens, and is always sticking her head out of her basket to explore – despite the fact the cats haven’t even opened their eyes yet !


This is Penny, she’s got white patches on her chest and arms – she’s a little tuxedo kitty! She, like Maggie, enjoys being cuddled and pushing her brothers around. Girl power!


So far, it’s almost impossible to tell Jude and Pepper apart as they’re both black. The only difference? Jude has a little patch of white on his belly. It seems a bit rude to keep flipping the kittens over to identify them, so I’ve mostly been addressing them via guess work! Perhaps it will be easier to tell when they grow up! That said, I think this is Pepper. He was born with his umbilical cord wrapped around his ankle, which worried me – but luckily his foot is absolutely fine now! It’s left a near-microscopic hairless patch on his left leg (you can just about see it two pictures down) so that’s basically the only means of identifying them in these pictures!


Therefore, I think this little guy is Jude! Jude’s a little singer and makes the most noise – kittens squeak and chirp like little birds – way cuter than baby cries! Pepper and Jude are both Mumma’s boys and certainly not as adventurous, or big, as their sisters. I think Jude might also be the eldest, although it’s hard to tell for sure!


A rare moment when they’re not in a pile-up/sandwich!


Evie’s certainly a proud Mumma! I’ve been very lucky as plenty of cats don’t like people touching their kittens for the first couple of weeks, but Evie’s been totally happy with me picking up and photographing the kitty cats! To be honest, I think she likes the reprieve – four kittens are certainly a pawful (sorry, had to go there).


I’ll try and post a photo update every week – they’ll be opening their eyes and walking very soon – I’m so excited!

Oh, and if you hadn’t guessed – they’re all named after Beatles’ songs!

Until next time,



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