April’s Aims

I’m jumping on the monthly goals bandwagon, wish me luck!


1. Shoot and upload my first ever vlog.

I keep putting this off for two reasons: a) it’s scary and b) I’m a bit of a perfectionist and I keep trying to wait until the conditions are perfect, do you know what I mean? So far it’s been delayed because my hair needs cutting, I don’t have the right background and the dress I might want to wear hasn’t arrived yet. I have to get on and do it, and soon!

2. Apply for two fashion writing jobs.

It’s famously not the easiest career to break into, but it’s certainly something I’m very passionate about cracking. I’m not unhappy where I work now, but I’d like to make some career progression. Even if it’s knowing I could hand in a CV and get an interview, it’s a good start.

3. Show you more of my hometown. 

I had a lovely message yesterday from my Italian blogger friend who said she loves my posts about the seaside town where I live. I regularly take my lovely location for granted, and one way to make the most of it could be a ‘welcome to my town’ post for you all to enjoy. It’ll be like a road trip from your bedroom.

4. Reorganise my room.

My room is roughly the size of a match box, so with every new purchase comes a desperate need to reorganise around it. Unfortunately I’ve neglected reorganisation for a while, so it’s a total black hole at the moment! Once I straighten it out I’ll certainly take some snaps for ‘small room syndrome’ inspiration! This reorganising also includes updating my wardrobe for spring and summer, which is one of my dreaded tasks- as soon as I swap my jumpers for summer dresses, it rains.

5. Eat more fruit and vegetables.

Or at least, remember to take my daily vitamin. The only way I can stay on top of this one is keeping a list of how many of my ‘5 a day’ I’ve managed. How anal does that sound? I’m pretty rubbish at being healthy, so wish me luck!

6. Do thirty minutes of exercise a day.

Does walking to the bus count? What if I power walk?

7. Get out and do more.

I’m definitely guilty of spending the evening snuggled up in bed and watching netflix a little too frequently. Now that the evenings are lighter and warmer there’s literally no excuse  not to be outside! I need to get and about more, and bring you all with me! Well, I’ll bring my camera, same thing.

Do you have any goals for the week, month or year? If so, what are they? Perhaps we can keep ourselves motivated together!


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