The 2014 Co-Ord Awards

Remember that “Matchy Matchy” piece I wrote last year? Co-ordinate pieces were a huge hit last summer and they’re set to be even more popular this summer. I’ve certainly noticed more online retailers dedicating pages of products to coordinated tops and bottoms. It’s official: matching is no longer just for your underwear, girls!*

*Having said that, my underwear rarely matches.

Showing you another series of co-ords would be boring, so I thought I’d create my very own Co-ord Awards!

The categories are…

The Best Value Co-ord:

Missguided’s Monica Crop and Bianca Skirt or Leja Midi Skirt.


Images courtesy of Missguided

Missguided certainly wins the penny saving award.The Dogtooth crop and mini skirt ring in at just £14.99 a piece, which sounds pretty reasonable to me. For all you bargain hunters, there is also a midi pencil skirt in the same print for £9.99 – I’d certainly be tempted to buy both! I’ve done the Math, and for under £40 you would have the option of five different outfits! The cropped tee would look great with skinny jeans, high waisted Levi’s or a white skater skirt; both the mini and the midi skirt are a perfect match with a plain white tee, and for colder days, an icy pastel cropped jumper would look marvellous!

The Girliest Co-ord:

Miss Selfridge’s Pink Embellished Tee and Pink Embellished Shorts


Images courtesy of Miss Selfridge

When I visited Miss Selfridge the other week, these floral themed jewelled co-ords caught my eye immediately. I’m a bit of a magpie, anything a little sparkly goes straight to the wish list! If pink isn’t your thing, you’ll be glad to hear they also come in a delicate yellow, which will look equally gorgeous for Spring! The only downside? At £45 a piece, this set is rather expensive and most definitely out of my price range. However, if you have a special event coming up where you can afford to splash the cash a little bit, these are definitely worth a look in. They’re certainly a very feminine and quirky take on party wear. Embellished shorts for a wedding, anyone?

The Most Suitable for Work Co-ord:

Boohoo’s Boutique Brocade skirt and jacket, and Lacey Brocade trousers.

brocaide boohoo

Images courtesy of Boohoo

Not only does this co-ordinate have the most dreamy brocade pattern, it comes in both a skirt and trouser option (and who could resist buying both?). The smart tailoring makes this perfect for a chic work outfit, provided you can get away with the rather short skirt there. Whilst the set obviously looks great together, a crisp white shirt would look lovely for work when you want to hang up the jacket.Going casual? A simple white tee will suffice!

The Best Summer’s Day Co-Ord:

ASOS – floral crop top and shorts.


Image courtesy of ASOS.

Whether you’re lounging in the garden with a good book, picnicking in the park, or traipsing a coastal town on a day trip, this adorable set is the perfect accompaniment. It looks super lightweight, which makes it a perfect life-saver piece when it gets very toasty in the summer (that sort of icecream-cone-melting heat we always get in August). I’d team this with white platform wedges – I’ve just ordered a pair from ASOS – and floral sunnies. I need this in my wardrobe!

The Most Elegant Co-ord:

Warehouse’s Stripe Lace Skirt and Cropped Lace Tee.


Images courtesy of Warehouse

Oh how I’d love an occasion to wear this for! This co-ord ticks all the boxes; pastel, lace, sheer, midi length…

The set together gives the impression of a classic cut fifties dress, buy I love the idea of teaming the midi with a slouchy jumper, a la Jessica Alba at Fashion Week. As it’s Warehouse, it’s somewhat pricier than the other pieces, but if you have money, this is definitely a pretty set. Although I’d be tempted to size it down, it’s slightly too baggy on the model for my liking.

The Most Casual Co-ord: 

Dorothy Perkin’s jogger and matching cami set.


Image courtesy of Dorothy Perkins

Wearing something as comfy as joggers whilst looking chic and put together? It’s the lazy girls dream! You might need the models’ svelte silhouette to pull this off, but for the less genetically blessed (or for those of us who like our burgers), wearing some killer heels will definitely help! I’ll never stop loving the idea that I could roll out of bed, pull on joggers and be ready for work. Not just me, right?

Will you be donning a coordinate set this summer? I’m certain I will! The Missguided houndstooth and the floral ASOS set are the top of my wishlist.

Happy Matching!


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