Kitten Update: Week 2

Yesterday the kittens turned two weeks old and you know what that means – another kitten update!

They’ve been going through some important developments this week – they can now see and hear! All four kitty cats have opened their eyes – you’ll see them showing off their gorgeous baby blues in the pictures – and they’re starting to move their ears towards sound.

Speaking of moving, the kittens are definitely a lot more mobile! They’ve been crawling around their little space, and the two girls are starting to walk. Watching them trying to prop themselves up and wobbling around like little Bambi’s is up there with the cutest sights ever. A couple of them have already been tempted to escape over the sides – alas they’re too small for now! I can tell these guys will be a handful when they get a little bit older.






To recap on which kitten is which – the kitty with the white face is Maggie, Penny has a white face and chin, whilst Jude and Pepper are the seemingly all-black ones (and can be distinguished by the white spot on Jude’s belly versus the white patch on Pepper’s chest). In most photos it’s tricky to tell those two apart – I’m still getting the hang of it!

They’re all utterly gorgeous, super sweet, and starting to get sociable; from play fighting and cuddling each other to flocking to my hand for some attention.







I’m going to leave it here before I look too much like a crazy cat lady, although maybe that ship has sailed! I can’t wait to see how they’ll grow up this week, I’ll be sharing the latest update around Wednesday.

See you this weekend for some Spring outfit updates!


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