Vintage Heroes

Inspiration comes from all number of places, from films and music to magazines and people you see on the street. For me, a huge source of inspiration comes from the ladies of the 1950s and 60s. I don’t by any means wish i actually lived in that era- casual sexism, racism and no internet? No thank you! But I adore the style, and I thought it was about time I shared my favourite pictures on She Wore Ribbon.

I’ve organised the pictures into my very favourite icons from the fifties and sixties. I thought you guys could use a break from my face!

Audrey Hepburn

My love for Audrey is almost too well documented on here to warrant an explanation. Needless to say, I love her effortless chic style. She totally took the world of style by storm in the early 50s when her gamine boyish silhouette was a complete contrast to the buxom blondes of the big screen. Well, that’s why I like Audrey – I love Audrey because she was kind, smart, charitable and committed to humanitarianism. The personality makes the icon.


Brigitte Bardot

In my mind, Bardot is almost synonymous with sunny St. Tropez,style and she’s my go-to inspiration for all things summer and holidays. She was, without a shred of doubt, one of the most beautiful women of the Fifties and her feminine, glamorous style is still copied today (hello Bardot neckline and backcombing). Nobody rocks over-sized sunglasses, pretty sundresses, cut-off capri’s or hair ribbons like Brigitte. Every time I brush my flat brunette locks I feel envious of her blonde voluminous bouffant – she’s definitely a huge inspiration. Bardot has spent her later years campaigning for animal rights, so even more love for you Brigitte!

Anna Karina

Anna is a relatively new addition to my list of vintage heroes. In the last year I fell in love with her hair, her sense of style and her adorable dancing. I love her collection of sailor dresses, gingham, straw hats and floral garlands –  all things currently waiting in my closet for summer (except the sailor dress, which I have yet to order from Vintage Style Me). If you’ve never come across Anna before, she’s a brilliant actress and starred in a lot of very quirky French films in the 1960s. If you’ve never seen Une Femme et Une Femme, it’s definitely one to add to the list. I’m also experiencing a ‘hair want’ moment here – I have the fringe, I have the colour – but seeing these pictures makes me want her shoulder length locks too.


Francoise Hardy

This French actress and singer is the epitome of bohemian babe. I think I once saw Alexa Chung cite Hardy as her hair inspiration – you can definitely see it! True to all our preconceptions of French style, Hardy proves that a hairbrush is not an essential ingredient in looking chic. I thank you for that Francoise – who has time to do their hair anyway? And the signature winged eyeliner flick? I’ve had the very same style since I was about 15, but it’s only in the last couple of years I realised who I was emulating. What a babe.


It was quite difficult to narrow this list to just four – so I’d also like to mention Edie Sedgwick, Marilyn Monroe, Jean Shrimpton and Jane Birkin! The Fifites and Sixites are hands down my favourite decades for style – which are your go-to decades and who are your style icons?

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