Barbie Girl

Until recently, I would never have described myself as a particularly ‘pink’ sort of girl. I mean, I’ve disliked the colour, except the odd moment in childhood when trying to channel my inner Mary Kate (to no avail, I’m definitely an Ashley), yet it was never really a colour I wore. Strangely it seems to be making a much bigger appearance in my wardrobe this year- and yes, I’m referring to the pink coat I basically lived in this winter!

After penning my Co-ord Awards last week, I rushed straight to Missguided and purchased the pink dogstooth print set. As with anything you buy online, it’s never exactly the same in person. Despite my surprise when I saw bright, warm pink rather than the dusky hue I’d been imagining, I decided to brave it.


You might be thinking ‘this isn’t a very Nikki outfit’ and you’d be right. A high waisted skirt and crop top are two of my favourite items, but uncharacteristically for me, this co-ord is figure hugging and clingy – which is a slightly scary when you’re a bit body conscious like I am! As you might be able to tell, I’m not 100% comfortable with the body-con around my middle – I’d be far more comfortable in a skater skirt! But it’s good to push the boat out and try something new, right? I’m currently looking at finding a pale sweater I can wear over the top to hide my pudgy stomach (sit ups and cutting out cake are out of the question).

1 2

I also had an ulterior motive by buying this- I was desperate to find something to match my new platforms! I’m rather in love with these, and they’re one of the first forays into summer shoe wear I’ve made in years. I’m definitely terrified of getting them dirty though, so if you have any suggestions on how to keep them clean I’d really, really appreciate it!


9This summer I’ll be living in white accessories. These glasses by Jaymie O’Callaghan are absolutely perfect, I feel like a sixties mod girl.


It’s funny, but after braving the body hugging co-ord, I feel more confidence. Perhaps it’s because I pushed myself out of my comfort zone, or maybe it’s because I’ve realised “hey, I don’t look as bad as I thought!”. Either way, I’ve learnt it’s beneficial to be brave and try something new – you might just be surprised!

Everybody has some sort of issue with the way they look, and it’s often the people deemed to be the most beautiful (I’m talking actresses, supermodels…) who have the worst insecurities. Says a lot, huh? I think it’s all about balance: try your best to be healthy and remember how lucky you are to have a working body, allow yourself treats and enjoy life. No more stressing about the way you look or comparing yourself to others. You’re you and you’re lovely the way you are.

After that heavy talk- Is it bad I already have my eye on Co-Ord #2? Until next time!


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