One Dress, Two Looks

I’m certainly not one of those ‘jump on the bandwagon’ bloggers who has to showcase every single trend out there each season. For me, dipping my toes into the trend pool is more than enough! Occasionally I push my sartorial boundaries, but generally  try to keep to a personal style that works for me. I think the biggest challenge facing bloggers is finding a unique and signature style that sets you apart from the rest and finding original pieces that aren’t “blogger favourites”.  Who wants bloggers all dressed the same? That said, I saw a couple of bloggers and vloggers (including the lovely Zoella) wearing this deer/fawn printed dress from ASOS and I simply had to have it. So I suppose this is my first “blogger favourite!” post – I hope you enjoy!


Needless to say, when it comes to animal print, the feline variety is my very favourite. I’ve become a collector of cat covered skirts, bags and t-shirts (still saving for the Charlotte Olympia kitty cat flats, though!). Fawns and deer aren’t my usual print of choice, but this pattern is pretty darn cute! What the pictures don’t show is how very soft the cotton is, which is genuinely delightful. More clothes should be this comfy! There was just one thing I was surprised by- the size! This is a size 10 and there’s definitely quite  an excess of  fabric. This didn’t really bother me, I rather like the floaty skirt and voluminous sleeves – the oversized vibe is fine by me. But for anyone tempted by the dress who isn’t a fan of the oversized look,I’d advise ordering the size down.

I wasn’t sure how I wanted to style this, so I’ve given you two looks: dressed up and dressed down- maybe you could tell me which look you prefer?

Dress it up:

1 2 3 5 64

If there’s one trend I’m interested in splashing across my wardrobe with this summer, it’s pastels. I’ve starting preparing with the accessories: the candy blue frilly socks, the pink belt (found it in the ASOS sale) and a white satchel (until I can afford a Cambridge version, Primark will have to suffice)The addition of the pink belt makes . What do you think of these light grey platform sandals? Another ASOS bargain! Although they’re technically New Look brand. The addition of the belt makes this dress far more form fitting – I’m currently quite a fan of the cinched waist, voluminous-everything-else look. What would you call that? The Kimono silhouette?

Dress it down:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

This is such a quick and easy look! I think I have a new fashion rule: just add a fedora and Chelsea boots (I’m pretty sure they’re a winning combination).
Just a  quick warning though… wearing a fedora in the wind whilst holding a drink is an awful idea if you have bad coordination like me. Needless to say my brand new dress acquired a brand new stain. Whoops!

I hope you enjoyed this one dress, two looks post. Versatility is super important in my wardrobe, so hopefully I’ll be bringing more of these to you soon!

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