Kitten Update: Week Three

1 2You’ve guessed it, the kittens are now three weeks old! This is such an exciting time in the McMullen household: the little kittens can wobble around the room, they can sit, they can hear, talk, see, scratch (themselves, not me), cuddle, play fight, drink and much more! Everything they do is a little bit shaky and unbalanced, but they’ll soon get the hang of this moving business!


Since opening their eyes last week, the colour has turned from milky to clear – which means they can finally see properly! It’s nice to watch them having a good ole exploration of their surroundings – and taking a good look at us humans too!


The markings also seem to be developing- if you look very closely there’s an almost tabby pattern in their black fur – it’s super faint but definitely there- a black tabby? That’s a new one. There’s also more ways to tell apart Pepper and Jude- Jude has a smaller face and Pepper has a grey foot (in addition to Pepper’s white chest patch and Jude’s white patch on his belly).I’m not sure I’ve shown you a picture of each kitten, so here they are:


This is Maggie…


This is Pepper, he’s so beautiful.


This is Penny – she’s so excited to be blogging.


This is Jude – that face!

This week will be teaching them to play (not that they need much help!), so I’ll be heading out and buying a few toys for them soon. Four weeks will be a pretty big age, weening, first food, litter trays (great…) and even more exploration! I’ll have ย to find them a safe area to wander in because mama Evie can’t contain them forever, they’re getting big!

Stay tuned for an exciting Week 4 Update – I’m sure I’ll have lots of lovely action shots of kitten fun and games!

Until next time,


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