She Played With Ribbon

2Fact of the day: I do not like exercise.

And I never have. I  was one of those bookish arty kids who didn’t like running around much, and I never enjoyed sports at school, except from the odd dabble in dance and gymnastics. I’ve now grown up (but only a little bit) into a rather slobbish and thoroughly unfit adult. I can’t run or play sports, yoga makes me bored and tense and I completely fail at any sort of racket sport (I’ve never quite worked out how to aim the ball).

Alas,it’s not in my life plan to grow obese and wheezy, which means I have to do some exercise. It’s not a weight/size thing, it’s a keeping myself healthy thing. You only get one body – so you have to look after it! I have no idea what made me think about rhythmic gymnastic ribbons last weekend, but I immediately decided to purchase one from good ole Amazon! Somehow it was seemed so completely appropriate – finally, a form of exercise that sounded like fun!



For those of you who are thinking “I can see how this might exercise one arm, but that’s about it” – and I imagine that’s probably most of you –  I’d like to say that there’s a lot of running around involved with this. If I was a pro, I’d obviously be weaving intricate shapes whilst doing one handed cartwheels and back flips. But for a novice, running and reenacting ballet poses from when I was 5 will have to suffice. I’m normally out of breath my the time I get in – so it must be exercise, right?



This activity is lots of fun, good cardio (or something), looks pretty and I can do it whilst wearing nice dresses and cute shoes (no leggings and sports bras for me!). It certainly feels like I’m playing rather than exercising, that’s for sure. I’m aiming to do this for 15 minutes a day, which isn’t a lot but it’s a start. I’ll be posting more pictures (and possibly videos) in the future, so stay tuned – maybe I’ll be pulling out the cartwheels one of these days!

Does anybody fancy joining me?


Don’t forget the big finish!

Thanks to Cake McMuffin for taking the pictures for me!


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