Capsule Collection for Summer

My friend Made by Burbs recently challenged me to create a week’s wardrobe on just £25 – I’m pretty sure she set me an impossible challenge. So, sorry Burbs, I failed! However, it did, in fact, inspire me to create a capsule wardrobe for summer – on the smallest budget I could. I chose ten pieces of clothing  – which amounted to £160.99 (some people spend far more on handbags),and added three pairs of shoes (a simple trio of sneakers, boots and heels that every girl owns in some form) and three accessories: a hat, bag and glasses. I was amazed to find that these ten items created a whopping three weeks of outfits!


My capsule wardrobe: Polka dot shirt – Uniqlo (£18), denim shorts – Boohoo (£20), breton stripe – Monki (£12), pinafore – rel=”nofollow” USC (£15), jumper – Monki (£29), red skirt – H&M (£15), playsuit – Boohoo (£20), denim jacket – H&M (£12) , Bardot top – River Island (£14) and vest top – H&M (£5.99); Shoes: boots – H&M (£30), Converse – Lord and Taylor (£31.59) and heels – Mod Cloth (£27); Accessories: red bag – Zara (£30). fedora – New Look (£15) and sunglasses – Lulu’s (£7.73).

The 1-21:


I always knew capsule wardrobes were supposed to be a good idea: useful, space saving, cost effective (etc), but I didn’t realise how many combinations they could actually create when chosen carefully! I’m definitely tempted to put pen to paper and create my own capsule wardrobe for summer – why didn’t I think of this before!?


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