Kitten Update – Week 4

Time is flying far too quickly for my liking. How are they almost a month old already!?

There have been plenty of developments to fill you guys in on: walking has now progressed to running and hopping (they still fall over), they’ve started playing with their toys, exploring the lounge and seeking more affection. I was feeling pretty smug when Pepper crawled into my lap – slightly less so when I realised it was to chew my hair/clothes/tights, but hey, you have to take what you can get. They’ve also been learning to drink, although they get about as much on them as they do in them (you’ll see in the pictures).

But I won’t bore you all with chit-chat, I know what you came here for was pictures!

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For our next kitten update (week 5, sob!) I’ll be sharing more of their fun adventures, and I’ll be accompanied by my lovely friend Ellie.

Until next time,

3 thoughts on “Kitten Update – Week 4

  1. Every post has to have some kind of alarmed Jude in it! But when I come home from school thye flock to me and its adorable!

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