Kitten Update – Week 6

“What have the kittens been up to this week?” I hear you ask.

Well, they’ve been very busy felines! They’ve had more visitors, been weaned onto kitten food, they’re slowly but surely becoming house trained and they’re demonstrating their acrobatic skill by scaling the living room chairs and zipping around the carpet faster than The Flash. In short, they’re full blown toddler kittens!

I have an apology: it took me a while to realise it was Kitten Update Day this evening – the bank holiday has left me totally confused about where in the week I am – so these photos were taken in a hurry (Penny and Pepper do look a tad grumpy because I woke them up for the pictures – sorry guys!).

What I wanted to get across was how playful and social they are becoming. They really love playtime (every hour is happy hour), which is uber fun to watch – I promise I’ll take some videos soon. They’ve been play fighting, playing a cat version of Tag, batting around and cuddling with their toy mice, birds and jingly bells. They climb onto laps for cuddles and definitely seek human attention – it’s a very good age. Except for the odd *ahem* accident.

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Upsettingly, there will only be a couple more kitten update posts left – after eight weeks they’ll be ready to live with their new families! I’m very glad to report that one of my best friends, Ellie, will be adopting Penny, my Mum will be adopting one of the boys (so I can still see him at the weekend) and my sister will be keeping her favourite, Maggie. I’m still finalising arrangements for the fourth kitten, but I’m glad to tell you they’ll all be going to amazingly loving homes – I’ll be able to keep tabs on all of them too!

Have a brilliant rest of the week,

Love Jude, Pepper, Maggie and Penny.


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