Kitten Update: Week 7

This is potentially my penultimate blog post on the kittens – how sad is that? I’ll miss shooting and writing these, but I’ll make sure next week’s one is the best one yet.

We’re now getting to the stage now where I don’t have a lot of ‘new’ things to tell you, as the kittens have hit most of their main developmental stage. There’s not much to report other than they’re a little bigger, litter trained and even more agile than before. All four kittens can shoot off in opposite directions (and boy, they’re fast now!), as well as different heights. Yup, they can climb! Thankfully they’ve resisted shredding the curtains, but I’ve spotted them on the sofa, the table, chairs, on window sills… Keeping an eye on all four simultaneously is now impossible!

We’ve also had to tape the cat flap, thanks to a naughty little kitten – not naming any names – who managed to get through to the other side. He then realised it was cold, wet and windy outside and regretted his decision bitterly and ran straight back in.

So, this afternoon I decided to create a new game: we played with ribbon. The kittens loved the ribbon, and spent all afternoon batting it around, chasing it and fighting over it. They’re very into playfighting, but when they think you’re not looking, they cuddle up and fall asleep. Siblings, eh?

Enjoy this week’s pictures!

2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 171

What shall the theme for week 8 be? I’m a little tempted by dress up… no?

With love,

Nikki and the kitty cats.

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