May Favourites

I do apologise for the lack of posts lately, it turns out juggling a full time job, four kittens, freelance writing, a plethora of other bits and bobs and my blog is little difficult.

At least I’m here now, right?

I’ve seen plenty of bloggers doing these Monthly Favourite posts, but until now I wasn’t keen to jump on the bandwagon. It felt a bit like an excuse to splurge and then parade your many products over the internet. If I did that every month I would very very poor- besides which, most of my favourite products last months and months and I tend to re-buy the best ones. But as I’d never done a Favourites post before, none of that matters- I can use super old products and you’d be none the wiser.


Sugar Crush scrub and moisturiser – Soap & Glory

This smells divine. Really divine. The mix of brown sugar and lime reminds me of grabbing a chilled cola on a hot day- maybe that’s just me? I wasn’t a particularly exfoliatey/moisturisey (both definitely words) person, but I think these products have converted me. I’m all about smooth soft skin that smells delectable now. Yum!

Toni and Guy Heat Protect Spray

I’m a bit obsessed with Toni  & Guy; they gave me an excellent haircut in 2012 and I haven’t looked back. They’re officially the only hair salon I trust with my locks (I’ve had one too many bad haircuts over the years).  I’d never used heat protect spray before- I thought it was designed for girls who use straighteners daily and basically fry their hair (I only curl mine occasionally), but I recently learned that even drying your hair can cause heat damage, so some form of protection is pretty crucial. I’m a little behind in the hair science, clearly. But now my hair is protected and it smells like my favourite salon,so I consider this a win-win.

“Sleepless in Seattle”

Confession: I’m currently obsessed with early 90s rom-coms. Ditto Tom Hanks, ditto Meg Ryan. In my books, that makes Sleepless in Seattle the most perfect film in existence and it’s been one of my favourite things this month (I haven’t watched it twice, I swear…). If you haven’t seen it, I recommend it, highly. I’ll just leave this hilarious clip lying around here…

“What I Wore Today”

I miss being able to colour in my books as I did aged 6. But thanks to this bloody marvellous book by Gemma Correll, I can now draw and colour a selection of my favourite outfits each season! So when I’m not vibing taking my #OOTD photos, I can just jot them down in this book and share them that way. Convenient for bad hair days. I’m really looking forward to filling these pages – oh how I love doodling!

The Happy books

I’m not sure whether this series of books has a name, so I’m calling them the Happy books. Because that’s what they do, they make me feel better after a rough day. Each page contains pictures that provide your recommended daily dose of sunshine and optimism. It’s a definite must have for anyone needing a pick-me-up and they look gorgeous on the shelf. They’re by Chronicle Books and I found mine for a great price on Amazon.

Panasonic headphones

I had the pink version of these headphones throughout Uni (I remember blogging about them when I was a second year) and last October/November they finally died on me. I replaced them with a different make, but they were genuinely awful compared to these, so I went back! The sound is pretty bloody great for what it essentially a cheap pair of headphones, and I think they look pretty cool to boot. Beware of pricing, as you can find you’re paying £21 for a blue / white pair, but upwards of £35 for a pink, red or green set. Makes no sense.

Phone Case

Being a clumsy individual, a phone case is a pretty obvious purchase. I’d managed to avoid battering my brand new phone without a case for a few months but decided not to risk it any longer. I struggled to find a nice case until discovering this shop on eBay, Case Junkies. I then spent another month agonising over which of these lovely cases to get (typical Nikki). They come in hundreds of great designs, each with a plastic and rubber option, depending on which you prefer. I choose an inspiring motto to keep me going throughout the day!

So, those are May’s favourites, I actually have a whole new favourites post planned, just for clothes! Oops! Stay tuned.



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