Ice cream and balloons: The Colour Analysis Edit.

Last weekend, to celebrate that small bit of sunshine we had, was spent in Bournemouth. I ate ice-cream, shopped, posed in the park and watched the Balloon.

I’d promised you a glimpse of my hometown, and although this is by no mean a comprehensive view, I hope it’ll give you a flavour of Dorset.

There is still a plethora of beaches, secluded woodlands and stunningly beautiful coastlines to show you all. But for now, here’s my afternoon of ice creams and balloons. Please excuse my very white skin.











The Colour Analysis Edit

I recently collaborated with Glowing Color to find out a little more about Seasonal Colour Analysis and to get my own colours analysed. The results were super surprising and made me completely rethink a few of my outfit posts, including this one here!

For those of you looking confused, Seasonal Colour Analysis determines the colours which suit you best by analysing your skin tone, hair and eye colour and assigning you to one of four seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter.

I’ve always been interested in Colour Analysis, but could never work out my season! If you’ve ever seen a ‘before and after’ of Colour Analysis, you’ll realise how much of a difference the right colours can make. The wrong colours can drain your skin, bring out your imperfections (dark shadows and wrinkles, no thank you!) and potentially rob you of confidence. The right colours will bring a glow to your skin, enhance your eye colour and make your hair shine. Best of all, once you know your season, you can shop and dress in confidence. And as we all know, confidence is key.

The Analysis

“Nikki isโ€ฆ.an Autumn! This may come as a bit of a shock to her as she loves her cool, blue shades but what I noticed when reviewing her photos was that in the cooler colors, there was dramatic contrast between her pale skin and the cool blues and her eye colors. But with the warm colors, everything softened: her facial features, her eyes, her skin tone began to glow, her hair even looked warmer. I would love to see Nikki in some mustard yellow or yellow-orange!” Check out the full analysis on Glowing Colour now!

Autumn’s key shades include warm reds, oranges, mustard, teal and cream. Think of the changing leaves of September. Pastels, like I’m wearing in this post, are certainly not Autumn’s key colours! I chose to combine the colour analysis with this post to show you that it’s so very easy to get sucked into wearing the ‘in’ colours of the season, even if those colours don’t suit you. Let’s see me in the right colours!

warmcoloursSo, what do you think? Do you notice a difference between me in pastels and Autumn tones?

If you’re feeling inspired, find out which season you are!

Already know which season you are? Let me know which in the comments!



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