May-June Goals


It’s been a while since my April Aims post, hasn’t it? Things have been very hectic my end, so I’ve decided to combine May and June for this next instalment!

How did I get on with April’s aims?

Did I exercise more?
I made a good start by purchasing a rhythmic gymnastic ribbon (did you see the post?), which I got to use for a few days before the sun went away. I didn’t fancy spinning around in a sodden down pour in the dark- would you? Once summer’s back on track, I’ll be back practising my ribbon gymnastic abilities, honestly! Hopefully the sun’s appearance will mean more walking and dancing, and less sitting inside and eating cookies…

Did I eat any healthier?
Whenever I hear people use work as an excuse for their awful eating habits, I think “yeah, sure”, but I definitely have renewed sympathies now! A chocolate brownie is always more tempting desk food than fruit and I’m forever nipping across the road to buy sandwiches instead of whatever healthy people eat for lunch. Hmm, I might need to do some more research here! I think this has to be a long term goal, and I’m making the effort to cut down on the sweet stuff and throw in more fruit and veg – so watch this space.

Did I apply for any writing jobs?
I did apply for a writing job, so high fives for me. I’ll keep chipping away and make sure I apply when I see more appear – they seem a bit scarce but I know my dream job is out there somewhere….

Did I Vlog?
I certainly did! You can see it here.

Other goals
I also posted about Bournemouth like I aimed to do, and achieved my goal of getting out a bit (not as much as I’d like, but I’ve been insanely busy!) – alas I haven’t done a room post yet, so eyes peeled for that.

May – June Goals

1. Carry on with the healthy eating. I can do this fruit and veg thing! I’m also going to try and limit my sugar intake- turns out a bottle of coke has like, 60% of your daily sugar allowance- fruit juice and flavoured water is also basically as bad too. I’m going to try and keep myself from going over 100% each day- which is going to be pretty difficult for me. Any hints and tips in the comments box would be greatly appreciated!

2. Ditto exercise. I realised how very unfit I am today – and I’m definitely worried my outsides will catch up!  Again, any advice on incorporating exercise into a busy schedule would be fab!

3. Have an excellent time in Paris and take lots of pictures and a video. I’ve been planning this video since I found out about the trip – I hope I get enough footage!

4. Organise my day a little better – I seem to be in the habit of coming home from work, working some more whilst attempting to watch TV and chilling out and then, before I know it, it’s bed time and I start all over again. I’m pretty sure that’s not a healthy balance, and I think it’s important to have proper “me time” without being distracting by work (whether it’s blogging, tweeting or freelance-ing).

5. Nix the overdraft. I want to finally be out of that pesky graduate overdraft by the end of June. That will certainly be an accomplishment!

6. Start a savings account – I’ve heard this is what grown up people do. Yuck! Hopefully it will be for something cool like a holiday to Rome, or an iPad. None of this deposit/driving lessons nonsense.

These don’t sound that exciting do they? I hope I can stick to these and give myself something more fun in July!

What are your goals this month?

Until next time,



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