Men’s Style: Spring Summer 2013

I’ve been very surprised (and totally pleased) by the number of male readers requesting a post for guys on this blog -don’t worry, you’ll all remain anonymous! I’m loving the fact that you guys are taking an interest in fashion – you can never underestimate the power of clothes. For instance, some girls can and will form a first impression of you based solely (ha, pun) upon your choice of shoes (and their condition). I definitely do this with guys and clothes – I’m immediately drawn to the well dressed. Good clothes make a guy appear a lot more attractive. For instance, if I see a pair of Chelsea boots (several friends can attest to this) I am drawn in; I imagine the wearer as someone stylish, creative, alternative and a little bit retro. Unsurprisingly, my Chelsea boot theory didn’t quite work out (not every wearer is all that) but I must reiterate: clothes are important.

So, in the spirit of spreading the wealth, I’ll be writing a super-manly fashion piece for all who requested it. I’ll be keeping it seasonal and discussing Spring Summer 2013 trends.

The Bomber Jacket

I’ve already written an article about bomber jackets for The Glass Pineapple and it’s a trend we’ll be seeing on both girls and guys! It’s the perfect jacket for summer; none of the hassle of a coat and all the protection from the arctic breeze of a British summer. I predict the military style bomber (think cropped and khaki) to be one of the most popular styles for summer, it’s hyper-masculine and practical. 


 (Images courtesy of ASOS)

The Denim Jacket

They’re everywhere this season! I am a huge fan of the denim shirt on guys, so the denim jacket gets the seal of approval from me. These babies are great for layering, but for a simple look, wear over a plain tee and black jeans. You can wear them with just about anything, which makes this a fail safe addition to your wardrobe.


(Images courtesy of ASOS)

Suede Shoes

Elvis would be proud, suede shoes are back for Summer 2013. Pro: they look good with all forms of trouser: chinos, suits and jeans. Con: suede shoes are pretty easy to ruin, especially if it rains – so make sure you have some suede protector handy. Go for dark pair for a smart look and light for something more casual.


(Images courtesy of ASOS)

Man Ankle Display… “The Mankle”

Don’t ask me why but apparently ankles are happenin’ this summer. This look is a combination of just above the ankle length trousers and no socks. I imagine this trend was pioneered to show off some attention grabbing suede shoes/brogues/loafers – but I’m not sure it’ll catch on with everybody. Oh and FYI guys, “invisible socks” are now a thing, so there is no excuse for shoes that smell of an expensive cheddar that’s been left out in the sun for a fortnight. You can also cheat this trend – just roll up your trousers to test the look out at home. The jury is still out on this one…


Statement Tailoring

Suits pretty much dominated the catwalks this year. For Spring/Summer we’re seeing a new host of colours (green suit from H&M anyone?) and unsurprisingly, there’s the odd bit of ankle on display. We’re seeing a much more casual vibe for summer suits, so avoid looking too office-y. Don’t be afraid to mix it up with a patterned shirt or mismatched pair of trousers. This is a look to have fun with.

suits(Images courtesy of H&M, Paul & Joe, Massimo Dutti)

The Three Piece Suit

For a formal occasion, the three piece suit should be your go-to attire. Joseph Gordon-Levitt (man, can that guy rock a suit) is often spotted three piecing and the effect is utterly dapper. It’s quickly catching on – at the Star Trek premiere this month we saw Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto looking charismatic in three piece suits. If you have a wedding, a prom or ceremony of some kind this summer, fantastic! If not, this is probably not helpful to you at all…

imagesStar Trek Into Darkness - UK Film Premiere

The Backpack

Travelling somewhere? A lot to carry? Grab a backpack! For a more mature and stylish look go for leather detailing, wool or canvas and slouchy shapes. Think up-market and please forget about that nylon backpack under your bed which you save for your gym wear.

backpacks(Images courtesy of ASOS)

Thank you for making it all the way through my summer trends post, guys! Let me know what you thought of it – perhaps I could persuade the more stylish of my boy chums to do a guy’s style collaboration here in the near future?

As always, love to you all. Have a fantastic week!

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