Cats and Co-ords

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For me, 2014 has been the year of the co-ord. I’m not complaining mind – anything that makes me feel like a) an extra from Clueless or b) a beach-side babe from the 1950s is always a winner in my books. So, surprise surprise, I’ve just added another to my collection! This the fourth (oops) co-ord I’ve bought this year, but it’s something a little different to my usual pastel hued girly pieces – this is a little smarter and certainly more glamorous than you might be used to seeing on me.

I found this embellished co-ord in the Dahlia sale – it was an impulse buy, but a very good one – I remember admiring it months ago and how often is the item you covet 50% off? Exactly. By the way, the sale is still on, and this co-ord is still for sale, just follow the What I Wore link!

A slightly more substantial co-ord is the perfect transition piece for the strange weather we’re having – the bare legs ensure you’ll never be boiling, yet the decent thickness of the weaved material keeps you warm in a way that cotton simply won’t. When Autumn creeps closer, I’ll be donning a pair of tights (to hide my blindingly pale legs) and a leather jacket, and voilà – AW14, here we come! 

What  I Wore:

Co-ord – Dahlia | Hat – New Look | Shoes – New Look (similar).

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