Got Ink? TTTattoo.

Have you seen my new ink?


Okay, I lied – it’s not real. Gotcha!

When TTTattoo asked me if I’d review their new temporary tattoos, I jumped at the chance. I’m fascinated by body art and despite having no ink of my own, I was excited to join the club – even if it was just for a week! 

Tattoos seem to be everywhere at the moment and now that one third of young people have them, they’re far from the sailor/soldier/rock star/bad ass symbol they once were. Everyone from accountants to catwalk models sport them now. They’ve basically become the ultimate accessory – as big a part of festival fashion as Hunter wellies, an oversized fedora hat and chunky ethnic jewellery.

I have a lot of concerns about real ink – how do I know I’ll like it in 10 years? What about picking a great design? I change my mind all the time – I can’t keep a haircut or a WordPress theme for more than a couple of years. Committing to something forever is pretty terrifying. Oh yeah, and it hurts! 

So whether you want to sport some cool body art for an event, to freak out an elderly relative  or to test out a design you’ve come up with before you get it inked for real, TTTattoo’s temporaries are the perfect solution.


The Design

The best bit about reviewing these beauties was getting to design my own – any excuse to crack out the pens! I chose an anchor for my design, I love the aesthetic and what it represents: the sea. I’ve always loved and lived near the sea and therefore anything nautical has a special place in my heart. I even added a heart to the design! I drew the anchor to look thin and symbolic, so its overall look is light and feminine – or it would most definitely look very wrong on little ole me. I’m actually pretty pleased with how it turned out! 

If you don’t fancy designing your own, TTTattoos have a whole host of great designs – like the beautiful vintage style feathers featured at the start of this post. The vintage camera, the array of finger tattoos, the arrows and the compass are also personal favourites!

6The Tattoo

This works in exactly the same way as our beloved temp tattoos from childhood: peel off the plastic, slap it on your skin, apply water and hold for twenty seconds. The transfer worked perfectly – no patches or sticky bits. It remained shiny for an hour or so, but then faded to look more like a real tattoo. If you look very closely in bright light, you can see a faint outline from the transfer, but generally speaking, it’s completely realistic. I’ve been wearing it all day and it shows no sign of peeling off. 


Maybe wearing this for a couple of days will convince me to get a tattoo for real – or perhaps I’ll just repurchase some temps!

Check TTTatto’s Pinterest for your inkspiration!


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