Beaches and Fireworks

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Carousels and Crystals

It’s nearly the end of my holiday – boo!

Thankfully, it’s been a beautiful week – one day of which was spent in the delightful Weymouth. Picture your stereotypical coastal town: stretches of sand, turquoise sea, pastel houses, donkey rides and an endless parade of tourist shops selling crystals, ice cream and souvenirs. That’s Weymouth. 

I spent the afternoon strolling around the quaint streets, eating Frozen Yoghurt and watching the boats in the quayside. Pretty sweet! 

4610911What I Wore

Dress  – Dorothy Perkins | Floral crown – New Look | Shoes – New Look | Bag – Accessorize | Necklace – Accessorize

Summer Fireworks

And to finish off the day, we headed to Poole Quay for a round of fireworks. When you live by the sea, this is a weekly event over summer. I set my camera to a long exposure to capture the crazy patterns – take a look! 10 11 12 13


3 thoughts on “Beaches and Fireworks

  1. Don’t know if this just on my browser but none of your pictures are loading? I can’t see it 😦 it sounds amazing though and thank you for telling me what to picture xxx

    • The pics are working on mine, but my friend said my whole blog wouldn’t load the other day – so maybe it’s having a funny five minutes! Hope it works again soon and thank you so much for your comment ❤ xxx

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